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The Royal Thai Spa

The Royal Thai Spa opened in July of 2019.

With years of experience and fully qualified staff you can be assured that you are in good hands.

We offer professional massage including our signature Royal Thai Massage, a unique combination of Thai and deep tissue massage.

We also offer lash extensions and facial treatments.

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Massage Product Information

We offer a range of professional massage treatments at The Royal Thai Spa, including our signature Royal Thai Massage, Hot Stone Massage and our Couples Massages.

Our regular massage treatments are performed with Buddha Beauty products, the company, which is based in Manchester produce certified vegan and cruelty free products.

Our aromatherapy massage treatments are performed with Lemongrass House products. Hand made in Thailand these stronger scented oils provide stronger aromas for a more relaxed massage. Lemongrass House products are cruelty free. These products contain Almond Oil and are not suitable for those with a nut allergy.

We stock a limited range of Buddha Beauty products for sale, however, we can order products on request.

Below, you can find more information regarding the products that are used.



A calming and relaxing blend.

Notes and benefits

Lavender - A relaxing scent with the ability to help reduce anxiety and depression.

Clary Sage - Increases blood circulation to assist the body to remove toxins. Can also help to relieve insomnia.

Rose Geranium - Beneficial for dry skin conditions and helps to heal cuts, scars and surgical incisions.



An energising blend.

Notes and benefits

Black Pine - Helps to clear sinuses and can help to lift your mood.

Rosemary - A natural disinfectant for the skin. Promotes radiant skin and healthy hair.

Lemon Oil - Fresh aroma helps to awake and lift the mind. Helps to balance skin oils. Rejuvenates tired/dull skin.



Muscle Recovery Blend.


Notes and benefits

Eucalyptus Oil - Beneficial for muscle pain, insect bites and skin irritations. The menthol fragrance also helps clear the sinuses.

Rose Hip Oil - Helps to reduce skin redness. Can help to relax the mind and aids female hormone related issues.

We also offer:

Buddha Beauty Pregnancy massage oil - Lavender scented to calm the body and mind and enriched with Vitamin E to nourish and improve skin tone and texture.

Buddha Beauty Therapeutic massage oil - A neutral scented oil enriched with Vitamin E to nourish and improve skin tone and texture.


Foot Cream

Lemongrass and Peppermint.

Notes and benefits

Lemongrass - Natural anti-fungal properties, which kills bacteria and reduces the spread of injection.

Peppermint - Contains menthol which has a cooling and calming sensation. It also has antimicrobial properties to helps refresh the feet and nails.

Shea Butter - High in natural vitamins and essential fatty acids. A deeply nourishing moisturiser.



If you choose our Aromatherapy Massage, you also have a choice of three highly scented oils.

All of these oils are handmade in Thailand with a vitamin-rich mix of sweet almond oil and jojoba.



Kaffir Lime

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Cleanliness and Safety

The Royal Thai Spa takes cleanliness and customer safety very seriously.

We proudly use Saloncide Solutions products to help achieve a high standard of cleanliness.

Daily vacuuming and steam cleaning of floors ensure that the environment is kept clean for staff and customers.

Along with public liability insurance and staff qualifications we are members of The Beauty Guild. An membership only obtainable to those with relevant and correct beauty qualifications.



Used to clean all surfaces after use, as well as vaporised throughout  daily to ensure lasting protection.


Tested and proven against COVID-19 amongst other viruses and bacteria.

Non toxic, Non flammable and Non Irritant

Tested to EN Standards BS EN1276, BS EN14476 & EN1650 against Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses